Because I’m Focused, Man!

AUTHENTICITY: So what does this word look like in action? What does it mean for our every day existence? Man talks a real good game. He tells God and himself that he believes and has faith, but when times get hard, he quickly latches on to what he believes (and is told) was sent by God because it’s quick, fast and easy – the answer to his hard-fast prayers and meditation.

Hold up! God – the universe – is none of those things. Any product, program or idea that forces you to take your eyes off of your purpose – your relationship with the universe – God – is NOT a blessing. It is a distraction! Stay focused! No, I will not sell this product; no, I will not join this wheel; no, I do not need to make “extra” money to grow my business/ministry. What I need to do – will do – is work in my faith. And my bank account may be as dry as the desert, but my mine eyes are stayed on Him. In Him will I trust, and in Him will I follow.

Now that’s being authentic! That’s focus! No one said it was an easy thing to be or to do, but it’s necessary if you want to come into your full potential, be your authentic self.

Need help staying focused? Want to reclaim your authentic self? Pick up a copy of Kryptonite Killed Superwoman: Trading in the Cape for an Authentic, Purpose-Driven Life at It’s a great resource for you as you traverse this difficult valley called life.

Be well, and blessings abound.


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