Social Media is NOT the Cross

Social Media!! Listen, let me keep it real for you. I’m on many social media networks, but notably Facebook and Twitter. I’ve posted personal mantras/thoughts as well as business events and such. Oftentimes, I find myself hurt by the negative responses I get from followers who are supposedly following me to support my work/ideas. I mean, really? You’re supposed to be “down” for whatever I do, right? WRONG! I had an epiphany recently – a come to Jesus moment, if you will. Here’s what I learned, which I hope will help to better understand and acknowledge your place in social media and other areas of your life.

It isn’t so much in the “seeing,” but in believing. You don’t have to be in my inner circle to know me personally in order to support me. If you know God, then you know me. Follow me, here.

Social media – for all its good points – has one BIG downfall: like Peter, followers profess their undying support to you privately, but when they get in front of the world, it’s “What? Who? No, I don’t know him! You got me mixed up with someone else.”

Now, Jesus was one bad mo … shut yo’ mouth! I’m just talking about … Like him, we have to keep it moving even when we know we are hurt by the rejection of so-called believers. Jesus knew what your instincts know: that fear keeps people from their true purpose revelation. The question is, will you keep it moving even when you have to move the moving van (i.e., the cross) by yourself?

Social media is a vehicle for which to deliver your message – your vision; it is not the journey nor the destination. If you can keep that in mind – keep it real with yourself – and the world, then you are one step closer to not only self-awareness, but a stronger foundational relationship and understanding of the Creator.

This has been a Hump Day Wednesday message.


About rebekahpierce

Rebekah L. Pierce is an award-winning and bestselling socially conscious author and playwright whose work primarily focuses on contemporary women and family. She is also the founder and CEO of The Pierce Agency, LLC, a literary and publishing services agency whose mission is to assist aspiring and emerging authors and playwrights bring professionally edited and designed works to the market. To learn more about her work, visit and
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6 Responses to Social Media is NOT the Cross

  1. Shonda says:

    Love this! so true.. I love the thought– that it’s a vehicle– not your destination.. great job– thanks for sharing.

  2. Stan Faryna says:

    Do not be afraid!

    Recently on my blog: Hidden treasures in the midst of small things

  3. Gary says:

    I hear you Rebekah, I hear you!!!!

  4. barbarapduke says:

    Hey Rebekah, Loved your post. When I first started Twitter, someone told me not to ever mention God or Christ on there or in my Blogs, or Facebook. They said no one would follow me if I did. Well, I am almost at 65K followers on Twitter, over 2K on Facebook, 12 blogs (one named, Thoughts of Christ). My profile says that I am a Christian, so they are not surprised. People like me and they are supportive and caring. There are lots of people who are not Christians, but they follow me anyway. Go figure. God is Good, All the Time!

  5. canucee says:

    We can dig it! “Now, Jesus was one bad mo … shut yo’ mouth! I’m just talking about” Can’t please em all Rebekah. Write on!

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